Unusual email from "noreply@email. .



Am I confusing this scammy email address with Noreply@Apple. Other systems may use the email address returned by Sign in with Apple to identify users, which is also a bad practice. You can change the reply email address to anything you want using the right software.


. apple. com.

. It doesn’t appear spoofed.

You could also look up the number on the Apple website and call that to see what’s going on and if this is legit.

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apple. Just got this email from noreply@post.

apple. com) however when I clicked the link it sent me to a FAKE Apple website, which asked me to input my ID information.

The above, of course, says I have been logged into another.
Sometimes phishing works like that, that they set their sender name to something like "noreply@reddit.

First from App Store receipts, second from a physical Apple store.

If you receive a suspicious email or SMS text message that looks like it's supposed to be from Apple, please email it to reportphishing@apple.

If you sign in to your account while traveling or if you install a new app that signs in with your account, you may get an alert. . To learn what you can do about unusual activity, select one of the following headings.

and they spoofed the email address. fc-smoke">Sep 17, 2019 · Eric Root. com? I received an invoice from Apple with a list of purchases I did indeed make recently, however what bothers me is that I usually get my receipts from iTunes, not Apple, and the e-mail content and formats look a little different. First from App Store receipts, second from a physical Apple store. email "YOUR_EMAIL". You spend hours designing the perfect email.


5’ at a PDT time zone (I’m UK). com is not a legitimate address for Apple, so most excellent that you went directly to your Apple ID from a browser to change your password.


Apple Support has confirmed that noreply@email.


Open the email and click the three vertical dots on the right side of the email.

Jan 13, 2022 · Recognize and avoid phishing messages, phony support calls, and other scams.