May 17, 2023 · Sera Silver Surfer Deck in Marvel SnapDeck Code.

Enchantress, a Pool 1 card in Marvel Snap,.

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While Misty Knight sees niche play in Zoo decks, there are usually better options to choose from than this card. This means, in the best-case scenario, The Punisher will be a three-cost six-power card. .


The best Sauron decks in Marvel Snap are those that play several cards with detrimental Ongoing abilities. Browse our deck. O.

Spectrum Surprise. Cards: Devil Dinosaur, Mantis, Cable, Moon Girl, Odin, Onslaught, Sunspot, These will be the main cards you’re going to need in order to max out Devil.


Rise through the ranks faster than ever with this strategy.

This one will remind you of one of the top May decks that we have written about in the Best May Decks article. D.

Hulk. Abomination has great stats for its cost, but even nine power for five Energy is not that valuable if there is no advantageous ability attached to the card.


High Evolutionary.


That being said, there are several decks out there that are able to take advantage of Abomination's huge power by. . .

In Marvel Snap, you can build a deck with 12 different cards, and finding unique synergies will help you win battles easily. . . 12 11. . The best Marvel Snap Pool 2 discard deck Image: Second Dinner/Nuverse via Polygon The deck: Blade, Iceman, Ant-Man, Nightcrawler, Swarm, Morbius,.

Browse our deck.

How to counter DoomWave decks in Marvel Snap. Abomination is a five-cost nine-power card in Marvel Snap with no ability.


Darkhawk is one of the strongest cards in Marvel Snap, especially in the 4-cost tier.

1 Energy – Bast.


Any card game, whether tabletop or online, thrives on having a.